Personal, Business and Corporate Tax returns


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Personal Tax Returns

  • Preparing Personal Income tax returns
  • Preparing Corporate Tax Returns
  • Self-employed businesses tax return (sole-proprietorship or Personal Income tax return with Employment expenses (commission and salary)
  • Tax return with Investment income & Rental properties
  • Tax Return with foreign Income
  • Non-resident personal income tax
  • HST & GST Filing
  • CRA Issues and Audit Assistance

We will make sure that our clients’ personal tax liabilities are as low as possible and help them get the maximum tax refund possible. We take care of all possible applicable deductions and credits while preparing our client’s tax returns. Those clients who fulfill the appropriate criteria such as those for First-time Homebuyers Tax Credit, Pension Income Splitting, Childcare Expenses, Medical Expenses, Moving Expenses, and Transit Pass Credit can contact us for more information.Text Here

It is important for our clients to understand their tax situation as simply as possible so the best options are available to them for their returns. There are various deadlines that our clients should watch out for, for example the deadline for personal tax returns is April 30th, unless you or your spouse is self-employed in which case you have until June 15th to file.However, it is important to keep in mind that CRA will begin to charge you interest from May 1st , if you are self- employed, and you owe taxes even though your tax return is not due until June 15th.

Corporation Tax Returns:

We offer complete income tax services, including preparation and filing corporation returns, for all businesses, including small businesses.
We also provide our assistance and offer our help to individuals and businesses to help them resolve their tax audit problems and queries. ​